OLUNAKU OLWOKUJUKIRA… Juggling with Health


For the first time ever we’ll run the show in our full power; we’ll deploy all the “weapons” we have in order to allow the message to pass and reach the audience.

Thanks to the help Local Chief the target community will be informed about the event by placing promotional posters in strategic locations. There’ll be one solid hour of phantasmagoric live circus show: 10 artists onstage performing 15 different circus numbers with an educational drama part. Our Ringmaster will be busy as well playing a central role in keeping the spectators’ attention constantly focused on the theme and frequently interacting with them. Also an expert will be onstage enhancing beneficiaries’ involvement and impacts with a question & answer session related to the theme.

Even the members of spectators’ family will be included; at the end of the show bilingual booklets containing relevant information about the theme will be distributed while, the broad Kampala communities, will be reached with the communication and visibility activities as press releases, photo-video shoot realization / distribution, newsletter, website and social media updating.