Hiccup Circus Uganda is an educational, entertaining and participative itinerant Social Circus without animals; performed by youth it uses circus arts as a social action tools. The aim is to introduce Circus Arts in Uganda using alternative pedagogical tools to work with children, youth and communities who are marginalized or at social risk. It make available an informal and creative instrument that allows beneficiaries to develop motivation and efficiency. HCU offer to audience the abilities to navigate this increasingly complex world making performances as a medium in fostering the types of values that will lead to an inclusive growth, and a peaceful living together.

A circus show as a “key” to catch curiosity and as a “flexible container” of meanings. HCU is able to adapt to any particular need by tackling messages about; Alcohol / Drugs Abuse, WASH, Road Safety, SRHR / Gender, Environmental Protection, HIV / AIDS & Immunizations, School Drop Out, Disabilities, Rights, Blood Donation and many more.














The show and its production will combine juggling, drama, puppetry, ground and aerial acrobatics, clowning, fire spitting, hand stand, acro-balance, acrobatic dance, music and sound effects. It will both entertain and educate throughout its amazing circus numbers and edify dramas by bringing light to issues that may have otherwise been unknown or not often thought about.

HCU has two components:

  • A Social Circus infotainment oriented performance; a live show with two souls where there are serious and fun moments with exciting stories of hope and change seeking to raise society’s awareness and promote education… a vehicle for reflection, for action and, most importantly, for transformation.
  • The Kasikonda Youth Circus School that trains under privileged, at-risk, slums – based youth in Circus and Performing Arts.


By demanding tenacity perseverance and discipline, KYCS empowers participants to use their marginality to express themselves and establish a new relationship with a society that has often excluded them.IMG_2444