Hiccup Circus Uganda is a Child Protection Project tailored for primary/secondary students, for children living in IDP/refugee camps, orphans and Kampala slums – based youth. It provides psychosocial support to children whilst simultaneously building and enhancing their life skills helping them make informed decisions and communicate effectively. HCU is a cultural, educational, entertaining and participative itinerant social circus without animals performed by youth to children.

The aims of the project is to introduce circus arts in Uganda and make available an informal, flexible and creative teaching/learning instrument, targeted to specific needs in order to allows children to develop motivation, safety and efficiency offering informations and abilities to navigate this increasingly complex world. To use circus arts as an educational, cognitive and social action tools, making HCU performances and training a medium for providing incentives arming children with every available weapon for their defence in the face of potential harm.

We are strongly committed to fostering a global culture of respect for diversity, non-violence and social inclusion allowing youth to reach and release their full potential and became means of behavioral changes and positive role models into their families and communities. We do these because we believe not simply in the rights of people; we believe in the rights of children. Children are fundamentally entitled to quality education that respects their dignity and expands their abilities to live and we should empower the same strategies and forces that have allowed other people to thrive for a better future and create a healthier and safer world for children.

HCU has two components:

  • a Circus, that goes to schools, orphanages, refugee camps, youth centers etc. and perform a show with two souls where there are serious and fun moments with exciting stories of hope and change
  • the Kasikonda Youth Circus School that trains Kampala slums – based youth in circus arts who then – as part of their progression – perform short circus essay into Kampala hospitals's pediatric wards

The show will combine juggling, story telling, puppetry, acrobatics, theatre, live performances of music and songs, clowning, fire spitting, dance, aerial acrobatics, and sound effects… it will entertain and educate throughout its circus numbers and edify dramas in tackle relevant crosscutting issues for youth.

Thank to the Kasikonda Youth Circus School young Ugandans will be chosen and trained to work and tour with the circus. HCU will be visiting main cities as well as distant villages in remote areas in spite of poor road conditions. Taking the climate of Uganda into consideration, the circus will pay visits to different areas during suitable seasons, so it could visit all regions year round.